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Section 34 of the Copyright Act establishes the Nigerian copyright commission. (NCC) it is a body corporate with perpetual succession and common seal.

It is the body charged with the administration of copyright in Nigeria.

This is a welcome development with the 1988 Act.

COMPOSITION. (please confirm the details of this sub-topic)

The governing board is made up of 25 members. 10 representing the government and 15 representing various interests within the copyright industry.

  • The chairman
  • Director are appointed by the president of Nigeria.

A representative of (not below the rank of director);

  • The federal ministry of Justice.
  • Education
  • Police force not below the rank of C.O.P
  • Nigerian customs service not below the rank of comptroller of customs.
  • Six others appointed by the minister to represent as far as possible the authors of the works listed in Section 1 of the act.

The director is responsible for the day to day running of the commission.

Duties of the commission

  1. Administration of copyright.
  2. Monitor Nigeria’s position in relation to international agreement, bilateral and multilateral treaties between Nigeria and other countries.
  3. They enlighten the public on matters relating to copyright.
  4. They are empowered to maintain an effective databank on the authors and their works. The national copyright information centre has been established in conjunction with UNESCO and the national library.
  5. NCC is not the owner of copyright as such they are not expected to enforce copyright. At best, they should lubricate the wheels of enforcement and ensure that it is not difficult for the copyright owners to seek redress.
  6. Power to grant compulsory licences.
  7. Have power to appoint copyright inspectors with powers of police.
  8. Power to approve a collecting society.


In conclusion, may I humbly submit that the copyright owners have a part to play in educating the public through campaigns against the purchase of infringing works. By this, they could gain public sympathy. Thereby reducing the purchase of the infringing articles.



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