21 Jan


The list of unsafe lands to buy today was carefully chosen and these are some of them:

  • LOCATION OF THE LAND: Oko Egan Area, Ilogbo Eremi Badagry Lagos State.

Before you buy any land in Badagry, you should be careful. So many of the lands there are owned by the government and used for tourism or other things. Don’t fall for scammers who sell land to people who don’t know what’s going on. Remember that the Nigerian police tore down more than 500 homes that were built on land that Land fraudsters sold to people without their knowledge.

ALLEGED OWNERS: Isaac Obanla Oduji Family Land

STATUS OF THE LAND: First, the Vendors said that they had owned the land since the beginning of time and that the government had never messed with it since then. They said that they owned that huge area of land and that it was free of any liens. In the end, choose a plot and pay cash. After looking into it, it was found that the land is in Ogun State, not Lagos, and that Abia State bought it for agricultural use.

RECOMMENDATION: Anyone who has land there or wants to buy land there should be ready to turn their house into a palm tree plantation for Abia state very soon. If you want to keep your money, don’t buy in this area.

  • Off Unity Road, Cooperative Villa Badore Eti-Osa Local Government, Lagos State, is where the land is.

ALLEGED OWNERS: A former purchaser is trying to sell his land to a new purchaser in secret.

STATUS OF THE LAND: The Vendor’s agent drove us to the land and showed it to us. He said that the land belongs to his Client and that the Vendor bought it from the Omo-oniles a few years ago, but he wants to sell it again now because he wants to travel. We asked him about the papers, and he showed us a deed of assignment from the Omo-oniles, a survey plan, a receipt, and a copy of the Badore Gazette, which is where he said the land is. After looking into it, it was found that this land is part of the COOPERATIVE VILLA GOVERNMENT ALLOCATION SCHEME. A fraudster tried to sell a bad piece of land in Badore as a good piece of land, not knowing that the land was part of the Cooperative Villa Scheme. Caveat emptor.

RECOMMENDATION: I have no idea how these Omo-oniles do these things. How did they fake a deed, survey plan, and claim that the land was part of the Badore Excision, only for us to find out that it was part of the Cooperative Villa Government Scheme? These thieves won’t get away with it, and I feel bad for the people who bought land there without knowing what was going on and will never be able to get their papers in order.

  • LOCATION OF THE LAND: Igbanko Village Badagry

If you buy land that has been set aside for agriculture, your house will be torn down as soon as the government is ready to use that land. Just showing you a perimeter survey of a piece of land isn’t enough to convince you to buy it without doing more research.

STATUS OF THE LAND: The landowners were so sure that there were no liens on their land. They showed us a survey of the land’s perimeter that showed the part they want to sell. We looked into it and found that the land is part of the NTDA Royal Palm Scheme. If you buy a piece of land that the New Towns Development Authority (NTDA) is in charge of, you are almost done. I’m not able to help. Please don’t buy an NTDA property if you can help it.

RECOMMENDATION: Some of these Agents and Vendors of Doubtful Lands in Badagry need a gentle tap on the head with a Hammer. All I can say about this group is that. If you want to buy land in Badagry that hasn’t been checked, be careful. Remember that it wasn’t too long ago that the Nigerian Police tore down over 600 houses there when they found out that the Omo-oniles had sold their land to people who didn’t know what they were doing.

  • LOCATION OF THE LAND: Oko Agbon Village Ibeju Lekki Local Government Lagos

Avoid buying property in this area, especially land from that real estate company with the signboard, unless you are just buying problems for yourself at Oko Agbon Ibeju Lekki.

ALLEGED OWNERS: Talemu Family Land

STATUS OF THE LAND: This search is very funny because it was put out there by a real estate developer who wanted to get people to buy into his or her estates on an instalment plan. They have nice flyers that show what the estate will look like and a survey of the land they bought from the Family.

They said that they had sold a lot of land to potential purchasers, and that the caterpillars would soon come to clear the land and make the roads disappear. We asked them what other paperwork they had with them, and they said that they had asked for the gazette and that the Excision was being worked on at the Land registry in Alausa. As usual, we didn’t believe them until we’ve checked, and our research showed that this land is part of the IBEJU COASTAL CITY RESIDENTIAL SCHEME.


How a real estate company could trick people into buying land in a place where the government wants to build a full residential scheme like Jakande Estate or a G.R.A. is just too cruel for comfort. Look at some pictures of the area so you don’t go there and buy too. People who buy here don’t send money into the bush. Confirm!

  • LOCATION OF THE LAND: Oko Olomi Ibeju Lekki Lagos State

STATUS OF THE LAND: This is a strange case with investigations going back and forth. The vendors were sure that their land wasn’t going to be taken away, and they had applied for a Gazette, which they thought the government would approve. They gave me their Gazette file number so I could look it up, and when I did, I found that they do have a file number for their Excision.

The Surveyor General’s office did more research and found that the land is owned by the government and is in a government allocation zone. The vendors didn’t want to believe me and cursed me for ruining their market. I told them to do their own search, and they later told me that their gazette would not be processed and that it was just a file number for nothing.

RECOMMENDATION: My only piece of advice to my client was to use his two left legs and run away from that community until they worked out their problems.

  • LOCATION OF THE LAND: Gbelero Street Ikola Ipaja

STATUS OF THE LAND: The Vendors said they were the rightful owners of the land they wanted to sell to the Client. They showed us a map of the whole area that was made in their name and included receipts. After looking into it, we found that the land for sale is part of the IPAJA NEW TOWN SCHEME.

RECOMMENDATION: It’s hard to believe how brazen and sneaky these vendors are when they say they own problem-free lands, but when a smart purchaser comes with us to check out the land, we find these huge red flags. I don’t understand how the vendors were able to pass off a government plan as their own to a purchaser who didn’t know what was going on.

  • Off Adegbenro Street, Ifako Gbagada, Kosofe Local Government, is where the land is.

This has to be one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to look for. The vendor was way too sure of himself and very condescending. He was so sure that this property was a good one and that the papers they had were very good. He was so proud of his layout and assignment that he dared us to look for it.

Well, when we looked into the man’s stories and documents, we found that the land was very bad and had been taken away from the Mende. When we told the man, he didn’t know what to say and just faded away. If my client had believed this man’s boasting, fake papers, and lies, he would have wasted N14, 000, 000 for no reason. Before you buy land, please be smart and do a search.

ALLEGED OWNERS: Alhaji G.A. Adegbenro, a previous purchaser, is trying to secretly sell his land to someone who doesn’t know about it.

STATUS OF THE LAND: The Agents were very pushy and told the Purchaser that if he didn’t pay right away, he wouldn’t be able to buy the land. He was supposed to pay almost N20, 000, 000 for that piece of land, but he was smart enough to search with us first.

The vendors were so sure that the land was good that they showed it off to purchasers who didn’t know what was going on. When we looked into that land as part of our investigation, we found that it is part of the COMMITTED MENDE REVOCATION.

RECOMMENDATION: When the Purchaser heard the news, he was so happy that he told them to shove their land up their asses. He couldn’t believe that all the noise, stress, and problems coming from the Vendors’ camp to buy this Land meant that they wanted to sell him a Committed Land. These Land swindlers are getting more and more brazen every day. Be careful, purchasers!

  • LOCATION OF THE LAND: Ujora Apasa Street, Allied Gardens Estate, Badore Eti-Osa local Government

STATUS OF THE LAND: The vendor was happy to show us the land and gave us papers that proved we owned it, such as a Badore Gazette, a deed of assignment from the family, and a receipt showing we had paid for it in full. He was sure that the land was good, and he even told us that he was in the process of getting the Governor’s approval at the Land registry so we could relax.

I asked him for the file number of the Governor’s consent that he was working on. He laughed at me and asked if I was even a lawyer with all my stupid questions. Anyway, to make a long story short, our search showed that the land he wanted to sell to our client is part of the 300 HECTARES LEKKI GOVERNMENT ACQUISITION IN BADORE. When we told him this, he just asked for his papers and left.

He must have known that land was bad, but he was waiting to see if we would find out about this mistake.

RECOMMENDATION: This Badore is out of the ordinary, sha! All of those beautiful houses around Badore, but only a small number of people have good papers, so they live in fear. God will answer their prayers one day, but the government won’t care and will look elsewhere for things to tear down and buy.

  • The land is in Sangotedo Town, Eti-Osa Local Government, along Monastery Road.

The vendors of land on Monastery Road said that the land belonged to a person, but when we did a proper land search, we found that the land actually belonged to a different company than what the vendor had planned to give to the new purchaser. If you want to buy land in Ajah, especially along that Monastery road, please keep your eyes open.

STATUS OF THE LAND: The vendors say they own a piece of land on the famous monastery road Sangotedo. They say they bought the land from Omo-Oniles many years ago, but now they need money and want to sell it. When we asked for proof of ownership, they gave us a Jokotade Certificate of Ownership in Sangotedo, a deed of assignment, and a survey plan. After deciding to check out the land, we found out that it is part of the KINGS COURT MIXED DEVELOPMENT SCHEME.

I honestly didn’t think the Vendors were trying to rip off my client. They really thought they had a good piece of land to sell, and they were very angry when they found out they had bought a bad piece of land because they hadn’t looked into it first. I felt bad for the couple, but I couldn’t tell my client to buy land that was already zoned for something else from a private real estate company.

  • LOCATION OF THE LAND: Oko-Ebute Village, Alatishe, Ibeju Lekki

A layout about Oke Ebute says that the land is not owned by the government, but when we looked into it, we found that it wasn’t, and that a purchaser would have to pay to get their papers from Alausa.

ALLEGED OWNERS: Bakare Salisu Family Land

STATUS OF THE LAND: The Vendors and our team played a classic game of cat and mouse. They did everything they could to make it hard for us to search there. Before we could do a land search there, the Vendor had to pay a deposit. Before they gave out their Perimeter survey, they were vague and condescending, and it took a shouting match to get them to do so. At the end of the search, we found out that the Land is in the PROPOSED CBD (CENTRAL BUSINESS DISTRICT) on the NTDA Base map.

RECOMMENDATION: For crying out loud, how do you tell your kids that the land you bought from Omo-Oniles is in the proposed future Allen/Opebi Business district in Ibeju Lekki? The speed at which the Caterpillars will tear down the houses there would be faster than Usain Bolt’s world record.

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