21 Jan


There are terrible risks to buying a committed piece of land in Lagos without checking it first. Buying committed land is a sure-fire way to get your property taken away without any compensation, and if you’re stupid enough to build something on it, the Lagos State Government will tear it down without a second thought.

There are a lot of bad Vendors, Agents, Developers, and Surveyors who take advantage of purchasers’ lack of knowledge to sell land that they know belongs to the government but still put up for sale because of their greed. They don’t care about the victim at all and can only see the money they can make from it.

They know that these lands have been set aside for bridges, roads, airports, dams, government projects, public buildings, or pipelines, but they are still trying to sell them as good land. As soon as they get the money, they run away, leaving the victim at the mercy of the government to deal with the bad results of buying the land.

The sale of these questionable lands has had very bad effects on the people who bought them. This should serve as a warning to people who want to buy land in these areas without doing a proper background check. These are some of them:



Gbetu is a village in Ibeju Lekki. It is close to the popular May fair Gardens Estate, which brings in a lot of investors and purchasers. It has its own excision, but many vendors and real estate agents there like to sell land that isn’t even in the Gbetu excision. It’s one thing to sell land outside of the excision, but it’s disgusting to force people to buy government-owned land.

The Lagos state government has set aside a large piece of land at Gbetu to build a Government Scheme. However, dishonest vendors have started reselling Government-owned land to people who don’t know any better. I only have one sentence to say to them. DEMOLITION AWAITS YOU. Buying land that has already been claimed is the worst thing you can do. When you buy a committed land, that’s the end of the story. Nobody can help you. You have put your head in the mouth of a lion, and the result is terrible. A simple check would keep you from buying a land that was already taken, which could cost you millions of Naira.


No one prays for this sort of bad thing to happen. “A lot of people buy properties because they feel like it or because the price is too good to be true or because it takes too long to do a background check and they don’t want to lose the property, only to lose millions of Naira because they let their hearts rule instead of their heads.”

If you buy a Committed land, you’ve just bought the worst headache that no Panadol can fix. You can’t finish your paperwork, you can’t get a building plan, your money is gone, and the building you built will probably be torn down without pay. Please don’t buy a house right away without doing a search on it first. It’s better to play it safe than to get hurt. If it turns out to be a committed land, you would spend days wondering why you didn’t spend that small amount to avoid a disaster that caused you to lose your life savings, which were worth millions.


The land was given to Unilag Estate. Falls on the proposed road from Magodo to Ibadan


Unilag Estate Magodo is loved by a lot of people on the mainland because it is close to Magodo Phase 1, Isheri North, Ojodu, and people who use the Lagos-Ibadan Highway a lot. Unfortunately, fraudsters have come up with a way to trick people into buying land outside of the Unilag estate by calling it Magodo Extension or Behind Unilag Estate Extension.

In reality, they are selling people lands that have serious problems, like land disputes between families or court cases that could affect the land. The worst is that they are now selling the planned Federal Government Road to people who don’t know what they are getting into.

The government wants to build an express road between Lagos and Ibadan. Parts of the roads that will be built go through Magodo. Some family members there say the land belongs to them and that the government would pay them back if anyone bought it.

How would the government pay someone who bought a “Commitment Land,” especially one in the middle of the road? The worst part is that a lot of people are rushing to buy land there without checking it out, only to find out that their property will be destroyed very soon.


How can some people be so heartless as to sell land that is the subject of a lawsuit and sits next to a planned express road? These bad people don’t fear God, and I hope and pray that you don’t fall for them. Check out every property you want to buy before you buy it. Buying a land that has already been sold is a one-way trip to Demolition City.


Okegun Village Epe local Government Lagos. Land is in the way of the planned Lagos airport.


Today, everyone wants to buy land in Ibeju Lekki because the Dangote Refinery and Free Trade Zone is doing a lot of marketing. Epe and the area around it are not being left out because a Lagos state airport is planned for that area. Because of these multibillion-dollar investments, a lot of real estate developers have set up shop there to sell land to people, and many of them don’t care about the rules that say they should only sell good land with no problems.

They are happy to promote their estates at any cost, without making sure where the title came from. Many of them have already sold parts of the planned airport to people who didn’t know what they were getting. The Lagos state government wants to build an airport in that area, and it has carefully planned where it will go. It should go through the Eleraingbe axis and some parts of Epe.

Meanwhile, some shady families and real estate developers have focused their sales on areas that the government has said are off limits. As usual, a lot of people have bought land on the proposed Airport tarmac where planes will take off and land without checking to see if it is real.

When it’s time for the government to start working on the Airport project, all the land there would be taken away and all the buildings there would be torn down without any chance of compensation.

The vendors knew that many people wouldn’t bother to check it out, and the purchasers saw it as a chance to buy cheap land without checking it out. Not everything that’s cheap is good. Buying cheap land that is already owned by someone else is just as bad as losing your money in a Ponzi scheme.

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