1. Having gone through the past questions from 2011-2016; I realised that cramming all the cases and points would do you more harm than good. Preparing for Bar Finals on this premise made things easier for me and gave brilliant results.
  2. All you need is to understand the principles, then back it up with one or two popular case(s).
  3. I selected only the important cases and essential authorities.
  4. My language is a bit informal and abbreviations were used in this work. E.g. HC means High Court, CoA means, Court of Appeal, CFRN means, Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, etc. don’t abbreviate in the exams though.
  5. If viewing the notes on your laptop, press Ctrl + F (Ctrl key and Key F at the same time) to find a specific word/phrase. If viewing from a mobile device, select the “search” option from the top bar of this website.

Hope you find the materials helpful.