21 Jan

Disputed Lands are territories that have: 

  • The subject of a lawsuit. Lands that are the subject of litigation are categorized as lis pendis lands, which means there is pending litigation on the land and the subject matter has not yet been determined. These types of lands are off-limits because the land’s ownership is still being determined; therefore, you may purchase the land from the wrongful owner. Identifying a piece of land that is the subject of a lawsuit can be both simple and difficult. If the land is fenced, the suit number will be prominently displayed on the fence; however, if the land is not fenced, it becomes a daunting task to determine whether the land is subject to litigation or not. 
  • The subject of an inter-family or communal property dispute. Customary landowners frequently face such conflicts. Frequently, multiple families claim ownership over a large tract of land, especially when land encroachment issues have been identified. Due to the fact that any problem on the land will be transferred to the purchaser, it is extremely risky to acquire these types of land. The same can be said for lands with communal conflicts; since one or two communities frequently fight over territorial boundaries, these lands should be avoided. 
  • Been sold to multiple customers. Since customary landowners are fond of selling land to two or more individuals, this type of land will undoubtedly result in disputes when it comes time to develop the land. There are instances in which customary landowners attempt to sell land that has been developed by its owner. When attempting to acquire land from customary landowners, it is crucial to keep an eye out for signs of development or third-party occupation. Upon discovering this, I would advise you to avoid such land, as it is evident that the vendors are attempting to resell property that has already been sold to a third party. If the vendors tell you that the development was done by them, steer clear, as it is highly unusual for customary landowners to begin building a fence or corner piece on their property. 
  • The topic of government intervention. Acquiring land that is subject to government acquisition will undoubtedly result in future problems. To ensure one’s peace of mind, one should avoid these types of territories

In conclusion, the acquisition of landed property is a very serious matter, and any mistake can have life-altering consequences. Always engage the services of a land verification expert from the outset of your land investment plan, as this will serve as your guide. 

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